A Morning to be Blessed

Sometimes God provides situations which teach us important lessons of life and remind us how to respond to the needs of others. It’s touching to recall simple moments when we have been blessed.

One morning I decided to buy a breakfast sandwich on my way to work. I was running late and feeling overwhelmed. I placed my order and pulled ahead to pay. An elderly woman stood behind the window looking very tired. She asked, “How are you today?” “Fine”, I grumbled, without even looking up, as I counted money in my wallet.

As I paid for my food, I noticed the eyes of a soul in despair. My heart ached for the weary look of her presence, and I felt guilty for the frustration of my mood.

I pulled ahead, and then stopped. The weary worker came to the window again, with a confused look on her face. “And, how are you?” I asked, making sure I was prepared to hear what she had to say. As our eyes met, she answered with a quiet, weak voice, "Oh, I'm okay I guess." I saw her smile when she thanked me, and understood the heart of one who needed to know someone cared.

God prepares us to offer His love. He uses simple moments of opportunity to help us share compassion. He guides us toward the needs of those who need us, and lovingly shows us the reward of recognizing when we have been blessed. 

God is near and He loves YOU,


  1. I have often heard this quote and it came to mind as I read your words this morning:

    "People won't care how much we know until they know how much we care."

    It has always challenged me. Thanks for sharing about opportunities God gives you to show His love.

    God bless you and your family.
    A blogging friend

  2. Well hello friend. Thanks for stopping by. I too have heard that quote. I like it. God bless you as you walk with Him. I hope you will continue to read the devotions and visit the site. :)

  3. Every morning, a blessing awaits us. Our eyes must be open to see it and our hearts must be open to receive it.

  4. What a lovely comment and so very true. Sometimes we need to open our eyes a little wider and focus on what God has lovingly prepared to be seen. Thanks for sharing...


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