More Than Just a Game

It’s interesting to listen to athletes share inspiring stories about their careers. The recent World Series win for the St. Louis Cardinals delighted fans who enjoyed watching interviews of their favorite players.

One interview was especially heartwarming. When a reporter asked a player if he was “loose” during one of the games, he responded,“ I’m a Christian. I asked God to bring me peace and give me power to use the abilities He's given me."

His performance during the Series was outstanding. Later, he was praised for his positive attitude to play hard and persevere. There was much discussion about his past career, and the troubling times when he was not on top of his game.

Life often works that way. We live through disappointments and long to accomplish great things. But, God allows us time to see what we can become. He prepares us for His will and motivate us to keep moving ahead in our lives. 

“God loves us too much to leave us the way we are.” He gives opportunities for us to open our hearts and realize the calling of our great potential. Sometimes we can’t see past disappointing moments of despair. But, they can motivate us to try harder, run faster and faithfully believe one day we will receive reward for our faithfulness. 

The St Louis Cardinals were far from obtaining the prize, but their fans continued to believe they could do great things. During the Playoffs, a squirrel ran on the field. No one could have  imagined what would happen next. The entire crowd rallied and the “Rally Squirrel” soon made his appearance at every game.

God takes ordinary circumstances and makes them extraordinary. He uses us to share Him with the world. Many people heard the interview from the player who gave God the glory for his success. They heard praises for our God , who gives power and strength to those who understand where to find it.   

We may not all excel in sports or have celebrity careers, but God can create a passion in us to be used by Him. He can take His time to prepare us to do great things. We must be willing to allow ourselves to be guided by His will.

As God prepares us to keep moving ahead, we can be reminded He is in control of our days. He will choose how we will find success, as we are coached in the game of life.

God will help us recognize when it’s time for us to step up to the plate. He will lead us to the top of our game. But first, we must learn what it means to totally trust in Him. We must faithfully work hard, and never forget what it means to work together as a team.

God is near and He loves YOU,


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