More Than Morsels

It’s interesting to watch people eat in restaurants which offer a buffet. Some fill their plates with small amounts, while others pile so much food, it’s hard to imagine why they would return for more. We wonder why we continue to hunger, even after we have already been fed.

Often, we neglect to fuel our souls. We long to embrace a heart of content, but need to be reminded where it can be found. Food alone cannot sustain us with what we need.   

God provides our Bread of Life. He knows we need more than morsels for our mouths , which fill us temporarily. He invites us to partake of His word and learn what it means to be guided by His will. When we open our hearts to God’s leading, He nourishes our souls and reminds us how to be filled in His love.    

God invites us to sit at His table and partake of all He has to offer. He satisfies our hearts and allows us to be fed by Him. Only God can fill us with what we need, and help us learn to recognize how good it feels to finally be full.

Dear God, Thank you for reminding us why we need to read Your word and open our hearts to the guiding of Your will. Help us recognize when we hunger for more, so we will always be nourished by our faith in You. Amen


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