Perfect Pumpkins

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Last week I visited a farm with my young students. We enjoyed picking pumpkins and talking about how they grow. The children were instructed to choose one which would fit in a plastic bag. Many followed directions, but some tried to put larger pumpkins in spaces where they would not fit. 

Pumpkins fell to the ground, frustrating those who were determined to choose the biggest in the field. It was hard for those who hadn’t followed the rules. They chose pumpkins which were too heavy to carry.

Children were guided to an area where smaller pumpkins had grown. Soon, they began to realize it was better to listen to the guiding of their parents, and pick pumpkins which fit perfectly in their bags.

God reminds us we are guided by His love. He shows us how to choose His will for our lives. God takes the weight of the world from our hearts. He knows we cannot hold what is crammed inside. Only God can scoop out what we don't need, and help us recognize what we must not carry.

Many children chose smaller pumpkins that day. They proudly placed them in their bags and talked about making jack-o-lanterns when they got home. Twenty four children carried their pumpkins safely in the arms of love, and spoke about lighting them. Soon, they will understand that joy does not need the biggest pumpkin to shine.

God is near and He loves YOU



  1. Nan ~
    Thank you for being an example of faithfulness to us. Week after week you write God's words, a message that speaks to us and encourages us to love God.
    God bless you.

  2. I agree with "Tex." It takes faithfulness and commitment to keep doing what God has gifted and called you to do.
    Each of us is gifted and called to do something by God.
    Keep up the good work Nan!
    A Regular Reader

  3. Thanks you friends. It's always nice to read comments here. My heart rejoices when I'm reminded how God allows others to receive the messages He gives me to share. Be blessed in your walks with Him, and find joy as You continue to find encouragement here. ♥


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