Tattered, Worn and Worthy

Often, we  hold on to treasures which lose their value of purpose. They become tattered and worn from our past, and are sometimes left hiding in the dusty spaces of our lives. 

It’s difficult to learn to let go of things we don’t need. But, we must rid ourselves of the junk we accumulate , so we can make room to receive what God has chosen for us to store. 

True treasures of the heart are stored in a place where they can easily be found. They are the precious gems God lovingly chooses to share. Life cannot change them, and they are meant to be kept forever. 

Age allows us to rediscover the natural progression of our lives. We see the affects of physical change, and learn to appreciate what is seen. We are given time to pay more attention to what God has created on the inside, and rid ourselves of those things which don‘t allow us to see what God sees in us.  

God guides us to the place we begin to recognize His presence in our lives. He fills us with treasures of His great purpose and reminds us they must be kept in our hearts. Then, He pulls us from our dusty places of doubt, and allows us to understand why we are special to Him.

Time does change us. We become overly aware of our imperfections. But, God uses them to transform us, and allow us to discover what He wants us to see. We must be willing to look deep inside the tattered, worn places of our lives and allow God to make room to show us why we are worthy of His love. 

God is near and He loves YOU, 

♥ Nan


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