When the Shade is Lifted

God provides the way for us to view unfulfilled opportunities which hide behind the walls of obstacles in our lives. He carefully builds a window of hope and prepares our hearts to see what waits on the other side.

When God has adequately prepared us, He invites us to recognize there are  possibilities which wait to be discovered. He reminds us when they're ready to be seen, but sometimes we’re afraid to look. 

Window Shades of our lives rob us of what we need. When we choose to close them, the light is not allowed to come inside. We find ourselves captured in dark spaces of doubt, and forget there is benefit in finding purpose to look ahead.    

God gives us gifts. He lovingly fills us with His Spirit, and allows us to understand we have been created to do great things. He pulls us from the empty spaces, and allows us to discover what has been missing in our lives. 

God knows the weariness of a heart in wonder. In opportunities of personal reflection, He allows us to discover our worth. He reminds us He is working in our lives, and moves us to the place we begin to understand we are being led.  

When we take time to trust in the guiding of God’s will, we begin to see ourselves as we are seen by Him; worthy and capable of serving Him with all of our hearts. God prepares us to use the gifts He will choose for us to receive. If we take time to seek Him, He will guide us toward the purpose of His great plan.

We must be patient and willing to learn how God will prepare us to serve Him. He will provide time for us to recognize where to find content. God will lift the shade of unfulfilled circumstances. The light of His love will brightly shine and remind us what can be seen in the warmth of it's heavenly glow.

God is near and He loves YOU,


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