Glimpses of Glory

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God prepares us to consider how we are to honor Him with our praise. He lovingly reminds us to take time to seek Him, so we can discover His loving presence in our lives.

God gives opportunities for us to honor Him with our love. But, often we plan our own agendas and forget to open the eyes of our hearts wide enough, so we can truly see Him.

When we are available to God, He reminds us to prayerfully learn how to praise Him in all circumstances. He longs for us to "fix" our eyes on Him, and understand what it means to be faithfully led by His will.  

Often, we’re blinded by sin, and are not willing to believe God will forgive us by His grace. But, when we surrender our lives and learn to trust in the One who will save us, our hearts receive the gifts of His glory. And, we begin to understand what it means to embrace a heart of content.  

The Bible says, “ Uncover my eyes so that I may see the miraculous things in your teachings.” Psalm 119:18  We must be willing to remove blindfolds from our selfish selves, and allow God to reveal the mighty power of His plan. Then, we will clearly see how He will choose to lead us. 

Prayer can help us take away the blinders of our faith, and connect us with God. Only He can open our hearts wide enough, so we can share our prayers of praise and discover what it means to clearly see how very much we are loved.

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love. Help us open our hearts and praise You, as we come before Your mighty presence of peace. Help us recognize the glimpses of Your glory, and open our eyes wide enough, so we will learn to trust in You. Amen


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