Obstacles of Circumstance

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As hard as we try, we cannot possibly predict everything that will happen in our lives. We explore familiar paths of routine, and hope to be prepared to move ahead. But, often we experience obstacles which slow us down, and move us to a different place.

Obstacles of circumstance lead us far away, and restrict us from walking ahead. They present themselves in unpredicted situations. But, God adequately prepares us to cope with life’s challenging moments. He gives strength to our weary souls of doubt, and provides hope for what is to come.

God skillfully uses detours to help us understand we may need to change our course. As we allow Him to lead, He creates desire within us to follow Him. God prepares us to maneuver our steps, as He lovingly maps our future. Only He can lead us toward the path He has chosen for our lives and remind us faith welcomes the hope which motivates us to move ahead.

God fills us with a longing to trust in Him. He is our mighty compass, the reassuring guide who leads us through obstacles and moves us in the right direction. God will lead us toward His greatness, but we must be willing to take the very first step and faithfully follow Him.

“If God moves you to it, He will move you through it.” He is near and He loves YOU,



  1. "...faith welcomes the hope which motivates us to move ahead."

    Such poetic words! Thank you.

    But beyond that, they speak to us about the partnership between faith and hope. They are the twins of trust, hand in hand leading us to God's good purposes.

    God bless you. And have a day that makes you smile.

    A Regular Reader

  2. Yes, Regular Reader...twins of trust leading us to God's great purpose! :)He leads and provides opportunities to recognize there is reward for our faithfulness, as we learn to trust in Him. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope you have a day that makes you smile, too!


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