Capturing Kindness

God shows how to capture kindness. He provides moments of opportunity to teach us important lessons of life. God skillfully leads us past our selfish selves, and reminds us we are capable of feeling compassion for those who need to be strengthened by His love.

Recently, I observed a manager at a local restaurant. She became upset when the Drive-Thru Lane created delay for her customers. She raced back and forth, complaining to a young man who was working hard to fill the orders. “We’re waiting on you, Carl !” , she kept yelling, as the teenager tried his best to stay on top of the requests. 

For many minutes, the young man tried to do his job. Customers became impatient as they spoke about why it was taking so long. I became frustrated! But, as I observed the reactions to his boss, my attitude quickly changed.

In moments of frustration, God can stop us where we stand and lead us past our selfish hearts of wonder. He can change our selfish attitudes and allow us to feel compassion for those who struggle to feel loved. 

When the sandwiches were ready, the manager threw them into a bag and spoke about the slow service. She mentioned the long line outside, and paused as if she was waiting to hear a complaint. Instead of complaining, I praised the employee behind the counter, and mentioned I knew he was busy. I wondered if he had heard what was spoken in his behalf.

Preparing to leave, I once again heard, “We’re waiting on YOU, Carl !“ But this time Carl was smiling. He glanced at me with a nod of appreciation, and I knew he had been blessed by the words God led me to share.

It takes little effort to recognize the needs of others, but sometimes we become consumed with our own. We miss opportunities to consider how God wants us to handle the frustration of our lives. He uses mankind moments to help us find the way to share His love, even in situations which are difficult.

God teaches how to capture kindness and share it. He allows us to be fed and lovingly led toward a heart of content. Only God can help us see the entire picture. He reminds us why we must learn to be patient, and gently prepares our hearts to be used by Him. 

God can use us to tenderly share the compassion of His love. He is near and He loves YOU,


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