Memory Makers


Many of you have lost a mother this year. May God bring peace to your hearts and remind you He is near as you remember them with much love…I am remembering my mother Bettye Grachek and thanking God for the life of my Memory Maker.  

Mothers help us grow and learn about the world. We are taught valuable  lessons of life and guided by their endless love. They hold our tiny hands and prepare us to recognize when it’s time to let go and experience how it feels to walk on our own.   

Mothers are the coaches of our spirit to succeed. They cheer us on and marvel at our many accomplishments, no matter how insignificant or small. They watch us grow. When we stumble and fall, they pick us up and prepare us to start all over again.

God understands the heart of mothers who bless their children with His love. He sets the stage for memories to be stored and filled with mother moments which will last forever. God shows us where to find precious memories. He tenderly places them in spaces of our lives where they will never be forgotten. And, He reminds us where to find them when strength allows us to remember… 

A mother’s love continues even when her children can no longer hear the sound of her gentle voice, or share special days of her life. God tenderly watches over His heavenly realm of mothers.  Perhaps they watch their children grow and move ahead, as He allows us to feel their love every day of our lives. 

God reminds us we are led by the power of His presence. He fills us with the mighty strength of His will and allows us to recognize we have been blessed. God brings comfort to the hearts of those who will feel the wound of loss. He tenderly lifts them to His arms of peace and covers them with the bandage of His love. 

Mother’s Day will come and we will honor our mothers and thank God for the special women who have made a difference in our lives. The love of a mother who has lived, will continue to grow and forever stay in our hearts.

Precious moments of the past will never be erased. Timeless treasures have been left by the Memory Makers, who have branded us with the love of their lives.

God is near and He loves YOU,

Happy Mother’s Day,

Nan ♥



  1. I am sorry to be late in commenting, but I had wanted to say that your mother must be very proud of you.
    A Regular Reader.


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