The Circumstances of Change

God provides the way for us to find purpose for our days, even when life becomes disrupted and we deal with challenge and change.  He shifts the gears which affect the heart of our routine, and allows us to gain wisdom, while we wait for Him to lead us to a better place.  

Sometimes, we’re not ready to be led by God. He needs time to make the necessary adjustments which fine tune the focus of our thoughts, and help us recognize how to find strength and peace through the promise of His everlasting love.  

God prepares us while we wait to be led toward a place of content. He skillfully replaces our weary thoughts of wonder, and guides us by the goodness of His grace. God teaches how to cope with life’s difficulties. He helps us learn to accept situations which will inevitably arrive, and shows us how to find comfort in Him. Only God can repair our lives and remind us we are never alone.    

When God skillfully paints the bigger picture of what’s to come, we begin to see glimpses of what He will allow us to see. As we “open the eyes of our hearts”, we consider the Savior who has already felt our pain and begin to understand how God uses circumstances to change our lives.

Circumstances of our lives may not change, but God can change our hearts and prepare us to find strength through the power of His will.  Only He can provide wisdom, and give opportunity for us to choose how to find hope, patience and peace in the loving arms of His strength.

We must be faithful, learn how to surrender to Him and gratefully understand He will take care of our every need.

God is near and He loves YOU,


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