A Note from Nan

Hello dear friends,

I am leaving for vacation and will not be posting here for a while. But, I’d like to invite you to visit my Facebook Devotion Page https://www.facebook.com/devotionsbynan?fref=nf , so you can continue to read the daily devotions.

May God bless you in the week ahead and continue to draw you closer to His love. I hope you will continue to read the messages, even though they will be posted in a different way.

Time to relax and spend time in reflection will be good for me! God will be faithful to provide love, strength, peace and REST. I’m anxious to spend a week with my dad and enjoy every minute of our time together. And, I'm ready to renew my soul, before my little students arrive for their first day of preschool, ready to embrace the new adventures ahead.

I will miss the closeness I feel with each one of you. But, I will resume posting on Tuesday, August 4. I pray you will be able to continue to read the messages God provides.

God is near and He loves YOU!  

Be blessed in Your walk with Him. And, have a day that makes you SMILE.



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