“He must become greater; I must become less." John 3:30 NIV

When life quickly moves us ahead, we often become consumed by our own agendas. We race to accomplish tasks in our lives and try to handle life on our own. We forget who’s in charge of our days and wonder how we will move along…

The human side of weakness masks itself in many ways. We struggle in our mission to succeed and forget how it feels to be guided. We become confused as we journey ahead and forget to remember; God knows where we will arrive. We doubt the abilities He has given and don’t allow ourselves to be rewarded by His love.

God uses situations to help us recognize why we need the Savior. In moments of need, He guides us where we see beyond our selfish selves and understand the depth of His holiness. He humbles our hearts and readies us to learn how it feels to trust.

Jesus leads us to the Father. And, when our hearts have been renewed, He guides us to the cross and reminds us why He painfully took our shame. Then, in moments to receive the depth of His grace, we realize we are NOTHING without His love.

God WILL provide opportunity to be led by Him. He WILL help us recognize why we must trust in His guiding of our days. He WILL grow us in greatness. And when we have learned to be led, He WILL fill us with perfect peace and lead us on a path of purpose. He will help us desire more of Him, when we have learned why there must be less of us. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love. When we become too full of ourselves, humble our hearts. Help us see beyond our own desires. Teach us to recognize why You must become greater in our lives. And, show us how to humbly love You more... Amen


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