Then God said, “I’ve given you every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth and every kind of fruit-bearing tree, given them to you for food. To all animals and all birds, everything that moves and breathes, I give whatever grows out of the ground for food.” And there it was. God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good! It was evening, it was morning— Day Six Genesis 1:29-31 MSG 

Our mighty Creator of heaven and earth shows us how to discover the blessing of a grateful heart. He leads us to a prayer of praise and allows us to recognize what waits to be discovered, when we trust in the power of His will and learn what it means to be grateful. 

There is purpose in all God chooses to provide. He readies us to receive the timely reward of each and every season and blesses the heart of those who recognize the offering of His love. In moments meant to draw us nearer, God opens the eyes of our hearts. He helps us feel the presence of peace and understand where we will always find it. 

When God has filled us with His greatness, we will appreciate all that He has done. He will guide us where we feel the depth of His holiness and fill us with the power of His strength. 

If God can create heaven, earth and EVERY living thing, surely He will create desire in us to understand why we should be grateful. Let us praise Him for waking us to another day of purpose and find reason in our hearts to love Him more! 

Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 MSG

Dear God, Thank you for reminding us to take time to notice Your awesome displays of greatness. You provide beauty in every single season and never neglect to remind us of the power of Your love. Fill us with a heart of praise, and help us remember; You are the Maker of every living thing. We will gratefully honor You EVERY day of our lives and find reason to simply say, “Thank you. Thank you so very much!" Amen 

Have a good week ahead. God is near and He loves YOU!


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