It’s hard to comprehend how God works to fulfill His will in our lives. In moments of wonder, He reminds us we’re not alone. He holds us together by the strength of His faithfulness and helps us remember why we must learn to trust. 

We will all experience difficulties in our lives. Challenges will try and defeat us. But, God will find the way to bring calm to our hearts. He will remind us who provides strength for our weakness. 

God will teach us to be patient, while we wait on Him. He will show His mighty presence in our lives. He will prepare us to receive perfect peace and help us find hope in the presence of His love. And, He will return joy where it has been missing. 

God will see inside the sores of our souls. He will handle the happenings of our days. He will open our eyes to the offering of His love and remind us how it feels to be held by Him. Then, in moments of surrender, He will hear the prayers of our hearts. He will remind us to be patient, so faith will grow and we will recognize how very much we are loved. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your love. You provide hope when we trust in You. Teach us to be patient and prepare us for what’s to come. Lead us where we will faithfully recognize who’s in charge of all things. And, help us always, always be faithful. Amen


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