“Though I sit in the darkness, the Lord will be my light.” Micah 7:8

It’s hard to wake in darkness. We miss the sun that welcomes us to rise. But, God lovingly reminds us He is near. He readies our souls to welcome quiet time with Him and helps us feel the presence of His perfect peace. 

We need time for God to silence the distractions of the world and prepare us to receive Him. He arms us with everything we need to step ahead, while we patiently wait to be guided through the darkness. 

As we leave our cozy place of comfort, we’re reminded the sun will rise in God’s time and for His great purpose. We must believe in all He will provide and have faith to patiently wait for what’s to come.

God will fill us with the light of His love. He will open our eyes to see what waits to be discovered, when we have learned how it feels to totally trust. 

Dear God, Remind us You are near, when we sit in the darkness and patiently wait to be warmed by the light of Your love. Amen


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