Sometimes, we wake and wonder what will happen next in our lives. We open our eyes to the gift of a brand new day and pray to be readied for calm. We remember uneventful days of the past and wish things were “normal” again. 

Worry causes distractions which magnify our wonder. But, God hears the pleas of those who call on Him in humble moments of truth. He helps us understand the need for mercy and holds us for a while. And, while we are cradled in care, He tenderly helps us remember we are NOT alone. 

Nothing will happen that God won't be able to handle. He will quiet our fears in this day and help us recognize peace comes from Him. He will hear the prayers of our hearts and help us remember He knows our EVERY need. 

Our mighty Healer will cover us in the shadow of His love. And, when we have found faith to rest in Him, He will calm our hearts and arm us with everything we need. He will place strength in the soul of our weakness and prepare us to know when it’s time to rise.

God will strengthen us. As we learn to trust in His guiding of our days He will show us great things. He will take the burdens of our hearts and remind us why He is a good, good Father. We must never doubt the power of His holiness. He will handle EVERY moment of this day. And, He WILL give us peace. He promises!

Dear God, Thank you for allowing us to find rest in You. You understand the human heart of weakness and show us how to trust. Help us remember there is purpose for this day and remind us who’s in charge of ALL things. We will find strength in Your healing ways and wait to be pulled to a place of calm. And, we will find courage to hold on tight, while we wait for better days to come. Amen


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