He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth. Luke 1:14 

God wakes us in opportunity to welcome the Savior and receive His mighty presence in our lives. He provides the way to get to know Jesus and have a living relationship with the One who came to bring us PEACE. 

God helps us understand how to anticipate the gift of Christ EVERY day of our lives. He reminds us why He was sent for MORE than one day of recognition. He guides us toward His greatness, when we choose to follow Him. And, He leads us by His will, when we can’t figure out how to walk on our own. 

JOY is not packaged for only one day to make us feel happy. God’s love is everlasting. His gift to the world is given to those who choose to gratefully receive it. EVERY day of life will bring opportunity to trust the One who prepares us for what’s to come… 

God sent His Son to bring peace and hope through our Savior. Let us praise Him for His everlasting presence and open our hearts, so abundant JOY will forever flow in the heart of our faithfulness. 

Dear God, Thank you for all You provide EVERY day of our lives. Fill us with HOPE as we prepare to welcome Christmas and receive Your greatest gift to the world. Amen


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