“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. “ Matthew 5:4

God knows our hearts. He wraps His Spirit of strength around those who weep. In moments to draw us closer than before, He helps us remember He knows our needs. He sees inside the crevasses of pain and reminds us His love is eternal.

We will all experience grief at some time in our lives and feel the weight of human suffering. But, Jesus will lift the load we bare. He will pick us up, dust us off and lead us on a path of promise. He will help us remember we are held. And, He will help us find comfort while we’re cradled in His care. He will remind us love bears ALL things.

Christ will comfort us with strength. He will prepare us to faithfully trust in His power to save. He will guide us where peace prevails and provide hope to experience God's grace. He will remind us of His sacrifice so we will not forget; the trip we live will lead us to the Father.

Dear God, Thank you for the many times You have rescued us. Help us learn to recognize we are being carried, when times are difficult and we cannot walk on our own. We will trust You all of our days and celebrate the lives of those who have earned their heavenly reward. Amen

~In loving memory of a precious soul, Margie Elliot. Her courageous journey inspired us to remember God’s love bears all things. Thank you, God for her life and for what she and her family have taught us about faithfully trusting YOU.


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