In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Psalm 16:9 NIV

Christ leads us. He prepares us to step ahead. But, sometimes we don't follow. We feel we’re not ready to go. We question what will happen next in our lives and need to be led from the worries of our wonder.

Stepping ahead is difficult! But, we must remember God's in charge of our days. He readies us to focus on Him and find strength to remain on course. He  plans our days and helps us keep us going...

If we focus on the love of His faithfulness instead of worrying about what’s to come, God will demonstrate His strength. He will remind us to TRUST in Him. And, He WILL prepare us to remember who will handle ALL things.

We must not let our hearts be troubled! God will help us stay on course, even if we don’t know where to go. He will guide and provide ALL of our days. He will show us which path to take. The journey will be so much better if we remember; we will NEVER have to walk alone.

Dear God, Thank you for guiding our lives. Thoughts become clearer when we trust in You. Fill us with strength to recognize which way to go. And, help us never be afraid to follow the path which has already been laid by You. Amen


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