Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go. Joshua 1:9 NIRV

Christ provides strength for weakness. He shows us how to examine our lives and trust in the power of love. He arms us with courage to battle storms in our lives and carries us through days of doubt which are difficult.
Often, we face challenges and wonder how to persevere. But, Jesus shelters us. He cradles us in care and shows us how to weather the storms. He reminds us to hold on tight and never lose sight of His power to save.

Sometimes, we will be afraid! But, Christ will remain faithful. He will provide peace, when we need to be anchored by the strength of His love. And, He will remind us who IS handling EVERY season of our lives.

If we cling to the love of His faithfulness, we will be able to hold on tight! God will humble us in HOPE and remind us to be brave. And, He will help us never forget; Christ IS with us wherever we go.

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence. Teach us to trust in the power of Your will and find HOPE in Christ’s guiding of our lives. Help us persevere, so we will remember who handles the weathered days of doubt. And, help us remain faithful, so we will understand why we must TRUST in YOU.  Amen


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