For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37 NIV

When we know how it feels to be loved by Christ, we recognize His presence in our lives and understand what happens when we seek Him...

God helps us develop a desire to reach out to others. He reveals His will as we’re used for His purpose and plan. He prepares us to share the light of His love and readies us to serve Him with a grateful heart.

We must never assume that those who are lost will not find their way to the Savior. God has designed us to do His will. He readies us to serve Him with love and BELIEVE in His power to save. He prepares us to guide others, so they will find hope in His mercy and grace. 

In seasons of wonder, we must never stop praying for those who will see Christ in us. Nothing is impossible with God! He will use our lives to be a witness to others who will see the source of our strength. And, He will us for His glory, if we honor Him by sharing the heart of His love. 

Dear God, You can do what we cannot. Fill us with love and show us how to share it with those who need to be reminded of Your faithfulness. Help us speak to others in a way that will help them see You. And, allow us to embrace a heart that will reflect the love of Jesus. Amen


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