Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12: 12 ESV

Christ helps us examine our lives. He nurtures our faith, so we will find strength in the light of His love. He provides HOPE while we’re led through the darkness and helps us remember why we must trust.  

Rejoice in hope. Be patient in tribulation and be constant in prayer. “Oh, how we need to welcome Jesus and receive the hope of our Savior. He offers the light of God’s love and is the only way to the Father. We won’t know the love of God’s saving grace unless we welcome Christ, humble our hearts, turn from our selfish ways and prayerfully recognize His power to save.

Jesus gave HOPE for tomorrow when He took the sins of the world and died for each one of us. His resurrection provides HOPE that we need to remember there is strength in God’s mighty plan. His WILL will be revealed, when we surrender to Him and allow mercy to bandage our hearts.  

God will hear our humbled prayers and provide strength that we need to handle difficult days. And, if we allow Jesus to move us through the darkness, surely God will help us find the light. We must learn to put our HOPE in Him and always, always TRUST.

Dear God, Thank you for love. Humble our hearts, so we will find HOPE. Help us leave the darkness of doubt behind and discover how it feels to trust in Your power to save. We will find strength in the light of Your everlasting love and welcome the blessing of a grateful heart. Amen


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