Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22: 6 NIV

A mother blesses the heart of her children. She plants seeds of love and prays they will flourish, as God cultivates love. She spends time tending the fruit of her labor and stands in awe as we prepare to grow.

She helps us flourish and provides what we need to know we are loved. She selflessly prepares us to rise. She finds joy in what God has created and is happy in her garden of love! God chooses how long she will watch us grow… 

When mothers can no longer care for those who rely on their strength, God finds the way for love to continue. He guides us by mercy and grace and helps us never forget we are rooted in the heart of her love. 

Many will not be able to be with their mothers this year. They will miss those who will never be forgotten. But, God will help us honor them. He will fill us with peace as we continue to blossom and grow. 

In moments of opportunity, God will remind us why our mothers will stay in our hearts forever. He will tend the garden of our lives, as we remain faithful. And, He will provide the strength we need to keep us grounded in the memories of her love. 

Thank you, God for our mothers. We will honor them and gratefully remember how they have helped us grow. Amen 

With love to Bettye Grachek and Elosie Hodges, YOU are in our hearts forever, dear mothers!♥♥


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