“Let all those who go to you for safety be glad. Let them always sing with joy. Spread your cover over them and keep them safe. Then those who love you will be glad because of you. Lord, you bless those who do what is right. Like a shield, your loving care keeps them safe.” Psalm 5:11-12 NIRV 

Jesus tugs at the heart of our well-being. He finds the way to reach us right where we are. He leads us toward the presence of peace and longs for us to faithfully follow. We might not know where God will choose to guide us. But, when the timing is right, He will help us feel the power of STRENGTH. He will lead us through the days of our lives and make sure we recognize who’s in charge of ALL things. 

While we are held, we will see how it feels to be cradled in the timing of God’s love. He will ready us for what’s to come and help us figure out what waits to be discovered. And, if we invite Him to remain in our hearts, He will help us figure out when it’s time to stand on solid ground and discover what it means to be faithful. 

Dear God, Thank you for moving us where we belong. Sometimes, it’s hard to allow ourselves to be led. Teach us to trust and find purpose in the guiding of Your will. We will find strength from hope which dwells in our hearts and gratefully remember; Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Amen


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