“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 107:1 (NIV)

God loves us. He created us for His great purpose. He holds us in the safety of His care. Often, we become discouraged. We forget we are being held. But, God wraps His arms around us and helps us remember we are loved by Him. He shows us how to be patient and readies us to offer our prayerful praise.

Sometimes we don’t express our gratitude to the One who deserves it.  But, God finds the way to remind us how lucky we are to be loved.  In moments to appreciate the depth of His greatness, He blesses us. He lifts us by His presence of peace and reveals how He is working in our lives. He leads us to a prayer of thanksgiving and reminds us how to praise Him EVERY single day.

God longs for us to trust in Him. When we begin our prayers in praise, He sets the stage for strength to come.  He fills us with hope and reminds us who IS working in our lives. God is good! His love endures forever! In the timing of His will, He will give us reason to be thankful. And, He will show us how it feels to tenderly embrace the blessing of a grateful heart.

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love and mighty presence in our lives. We will begin this day in thanks and trust we will be led by Your faithfulness. Fill us with hope and help us remember why You deserve our prayers of praise. We will find peace, when our hearts have learned how it feels to truly be grateful. Amen


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