Lord, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you. Guide me in your truth. Teach me You are God my Savior. I put my hope in you all day long. Psalm 25:4-5 NIRV

God calls us to trust in Him, as He guides us by His will. He prepares us to move ahead and recognize when we’re ready to fulfill His plans for our days. 

It won't always be easy to comprehend how God will choose to lead us. We will become impatient and forget there is power in His plans. But, when the timing is right, God will teach us how to be guided. He will help us recognize it takes time to learn how to be led. 

God WILL propel us. And, when we're readied for His greatness, He will reveal His will for our days. Faith will flourish as we learn to follow Jesus and understand the offerings of His mighty love. 

He will bless us in ways we never imagined, as we journey by His grace. God will prepare us to understand what it means to be led by the strength of His faithfulness. And, He will fill us with desire to put our hope in Him, EVERY single day of our lives. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love. Teach us to trust, as we seek You with all of our hearts and follow the path which will always lead to You. Amen


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