Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 NIV

Christ longs to reach us with the strength of His love. He longs for us to receive Him. Some will turn away from the One who nurtures a heart of trust. They will not welcome the opportunity to be led to His presence of peace. And, they will wonder why it can’t be found on their own. 

Jesus prepares us to feel the depth of His holiness and recognize why we need Him. He meets us where we are and shows us how to examine our hearts. In tender moments of truth, He readies us to discover what has been missing in our lives. And, He humbles us with mercy and grace. 

If we choose to leave the selfish side of want, God will bless the heart of our faithfulness. He will guide us on a path of purpose and help us discover great things. He will arm us with everything we need to be blessed by Him and pour peace where HOPE will prevail. 

If we choose to respond, Jesus will lead us to the Father and show us the power of His greatness in our lives. He will help us feel grateful in the wonder of His will. He will transform and grow us. He will strengthen our faith and help us believe in what will be seen when we open our eyes.

The only way to the Father is through Christ the Son. How will you choose to receive Him today? He is the anchor for our souls. He will always, always be ready to respond, when we are ready to receive Him.

Dear God, Thank you for Your holy presence in our lives. Thank you for Jesus and the offering of love. We will gratefully respond to His tugging of our hearts and humbly welcome mercy and grace. We will examine our hearts and surrender what holds us back from welcoming PEACE from the Savior. And, we will love You with all of our hearts, as we remember why there must be MORE of YOU and less of us. Amen


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