I can do all this through him who gives ME strength. Philippians 4: 13 NIV

Jesus is the mighty Redeemer; the Giver of mercy and grace. He leads us where strength is found to handle ALL things. He pours peace in our hearts and helps us understand how it feels to be calmed by the presence of His love. 

Sometimes, we have difficulty believing strength will come. But, God knows our EVERY need. He sees the source of weakness and shows us how to become STRONG. He uses circumstances in our days to reveal the love of His faithfulness and draw us closer to the Savior.

Jesus pulls us to His arms of HOPE. He lifts us where we see glimpses of what’s ahead and gives COURAGE to simply hold on. And, while we are held in His arms of PEACE, He provides the way for doubt to diminish. He reveals what will happen next, while we’re cradled in His care. 

Perhaps, the very thing which holds us back is ourselves! We must TRUST the Lord with all of our hearts and believe in His power to SAVE. He will help us remember; we will NOT sink under trials and He will transform us! 

We must not dread what’s to come. ”If Jesus leads us to it, He will lead us through it.” We must give our anxiety to Him and patiently wait to discover how it feels to replace our fear with the blessing of a GRATEFUL heart. 

Dear God, Forgive us when we forget to trust. Help us examine our hearts, so we will be humbled by You. Lead us to the arms of Jesus and provide the way for us to remember how perfect PEACE WILL come. Amen


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