“Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in You.” Psalm 84:12 NIV

God longs to reach the heart of our need. He waits for us to acknowledge His presence in our lives. He handles the doubt of our wonder and invites us to be cradled in care. He helps us seek the Savior and wait for the blessings to come. He nurtures a relationship with the One who bled for our sins. And, He recognizes the wounds which need to be healed. 

When we surrender to Him, God provides the way to welcome Jesus. He allows us to witness the love of His presence in our lives and learn to be humbled. He lifts us with arms of strength and reminds us it’s okay to be held. And, He helps us remember to hold on tight. 

God will fill us with peace. He will teach us to TRUST in Him. And, when the timing is right, He will set our feet on solid ground and strengthen us by mercy and grace. He will show us we are valued and loved. 

Life will bring challenge and change. But, God will remain faithful, if we will lean on Him and TRUST in the power of His perfect love. 

Dear God, Thank you for love which covers us. Teach us to TRUST in You, so we will surrender our burdens and find blessings in Your presence of peace. We will love You with all of our hearts and find strength as we’re cradled in Your care and held in the arms of Jesus. Amen


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