"Above everything else, guard your heart. It is where your life comes from." Proverbs 4:23 NIV

When I was a child, my sisters and I could never understand why our mother always requested homemade gifts. Each year we would shop for her presents, wrap them in pretty paper and proudly wait for her to see what was inside.

She would become excited before the boxes were opened and take time to savor the cards made by her children. She would comment about their messages of love. “These are gifts of the heart”, she would say, and smile as if she’d received a great, expensive treasure. Sometimes, she would cry and wipe her eyes, which were always filled with tears.

My mother taught us about gifts of the heart. She said they were “God Treasures” to remind us we are loved. Our cards would be displayed on the mantle for weeks, before she would place them where they would never be forgotten.

God wants us to share gifts with those who will recognize their value of worth. He provides opportunities for us to be blessed, when our hearts have been humbled to give. He helps us remember; love is not found in objects which only bring temporary pleasure.

God is the Master Provider. He knows how we will receive the offering of His goodness and grace. He reminds us why life gifts are meant to be shared and fills us with unending joy when we choose to lovingly give…

I recently looked through family photographs and treasured keepsakes. Old, tattered cards were found.  One had a message that spoke to my soul.… “Mom, I wish I could give you something more than a card, but, here is my love for you.” What a gift to discover, as I remember the life of my mother and consider how many times she appreciated the simple, unconditional love of my heart.

Our mother is no longer with us, but we treasure the lesson she taught .Love cannot be bought or tied with a bow. It doesn’t have to be purchased new. Love is the heart of the giver. It is meant to be shared. It brings joy, peace, hope and fulfillment, when we share God’s love with those who will learn how it feels to gratefully receive.

God is near. Share His love as we prepare to welcome Christmas and receive the Christ Child!  

Dear God, Thank you for those who have earned their heavenly reward. Help us honor them by the way we choose to live our lives for You. Thank you for Jesus! Humble our hearts to receive what He came to give and help us remember it is meant to be shared at Christmas and EVERY day of our lives. Amen


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