“Anything is possible, if a person believes. “ Mark 9:23

Faith is power in prayer. It is the tender voice that speaks “I believe”, when the eyes of HOPE are opened by God and TRUST is gratefully discovered.   

Oh, how we need to TRUST our Father. The One who created heaven, earth and EVERY living thing, knows the plans He has for our days. He knows how to reach our hearts and show us how to welcome the strength of His greatness.  

God will reveal His blessings in our lives when the timing is right. He will remind us who’s in charge of our days. “We must not look for trouble that we cannot see right now.”

God will prepare us to understand why we must repeatedly PRAY. He will answer in His time and for His great purpose. He will provide the patience we need and prepare us to recognize that our prayers will ALWAYS be heard.

Faith does not hope God can…It allows us to believe He WILL!

Dear God, Thank you for waking us to another day. Teach us to trust, as we open our eyes to Your presence of peace. Forgive us when we forget who’s working in our lives. We will welcome Your strength and find courage, when we have learned to place our HOPE in You. Amen


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