“You need to persevere so when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.” Hebrews 10:36 NIV

God takes time to prepare us to move ahead, but often we become impatient as we wait on Him. We forget who plans our days and need to be reminded to trust in the timing of His will. We forget there is much to learn before we step ahead. And, we forget how it feels to be confident. 

God needs time to grow us. He readies us to rise. He guides and provides for our days and longs for us to welcome His presence in our lives. He offers the love of Jesus and humbles our hearts for Him. And, He helps us understand strength comes from His greatness. 

He provides opportunities to learn how it feels to faithfully follow. He reminds us we will never be without the power of His love. In the valleys of our wonder and the heights of our praise, God will keep His promise. He will love and provide for His children. We will learn what it takes to persevere, if we put our faith in Him and never doubt He WILL give us courage to keep on going…

Dear God, Thank you for changing our lives with Your steadfast love. Help us remove what holds us back from feeling confident. We will patiently wait for what You have promised. As we seek You with all of our hearts, we will allow the prayers of our praise to bring honor and glory to You. Amen


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