I have been watching a mother goose sit on her egg. There’s a nest on the ground under a window I pass every day. A patient mother waits for her gosling to arrive. It sits under the weight of her love and is safely stored on a bed of softness. 

She has a feather in her mouth and I wondered why she holds it there... One day, I had the opportunity to look inside the nest. It held many tiny feathers. I watched as they were carried and moved by the wind. And, as they drifted away she replaced each one with feathers of her own. 

Her eyes are almost always closed. But, as I quietly look outside, she realizes I am there. She opens her eyes widely and lets me know who takes care of her egg. She reminds me there is great strength in the nurturing of a mother's love.

God created mothers with strength to endure. I watch how she responds on stormy days, when rain pours on her battered body. I’m grateful she stays grounded in the wind. I reflect how beautifully God prepares us to take care of those we love. And, I am humbled to remember LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS…

God prepares us to love like Christ; to be patient in preparation of birth and faithful while we live on earth. He readies our hearts to remember we are here in the timing of His will. He provides moments to be held by Him and teaches valuable lessons when we choose to learn how it feels to receive. 

When I visit the goose today, I will be thinking about a precious mother, Robyn who will be saying “goodbye” to her son. She carried him in love and tenderly prepared for his birth. She nurtured him to grow. Today, she will release Him to the Father and she will need strength to endure. 

On the saddest day of her life, she will be shaken to the core. But, God will hold her. He will ground her by the love of His faithfulness and she will hold tight in this storm. I will be praying she remembers LOVE bears all things. And, I will be grateful for the beautiful way God chooses to remind us to always, always TRUST. 

Dear God, Thank you for treasured moments to be still and consider the depth of Your amazing love. You are mighty, holy and true. Thank you for the love of ALL mothers. Show us how to love like Christ and find strength in YOU, when we must endure difficult days. Help us not forget, You have a plan for our lives. We will love You with all of our hearts and gratefully remember why YOUR LOVE will help us bear ALL things. Amen
~ Will you PLEASE pray for Robyn and her family? Her son, Khaled was in a car accident. He did not survive. The celebration of his life is today. Thank you for caring. God holds us in time of need. God bless you, family and friends.


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