Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. Psalm 100:4 NIV

Days pass quickly. As we race through moments in the hectic pace of our lives, often we forget to THANK our Creator for the bounty of His love. He is constant and holy. He is powerful and strong. He provides mercy, hope and forgiveness. He is our Ruler and worthy of our praise!

Waking to what God provides is reason to be thankful. He opens our eyes in opportunity to grow with Him. He changes our lives. And, when we have learned to trust, He places HOPE in the hearts of those who remember who’s in charge of ALL things.

Love is the gift that nurtures a grateful heart. God is love and He loves us! He is the Provider of everything we need to be beautifully blessed. And, He is faithful. He has a plan for our days. He teaches us to be patient while we wait to be led toward wholeness.

God humbles our hearts. He shows us how to embrace a spirit of gratefulness. He helps us discover HOPE in the Savior and shows us how to invite peace to come, when we learn how it feels to be thankful.

Dear God, Thank you for the opportunity to give thanks for ALL you have done. Help us remember to begin our prayers in PRAISE, as we seek You and find purpose in what You provide. Help us welcome the One who brings perfect peace and leads us closer to You. We will love you with ALL of our hearts and never forget why we must be always, always be thankful… Amen 

~ My husband, Max is having hip surgery today. I would appreciate your prayers for a good outcome and a healthy recovery. Posts will resume on Thursday, May 25. Thank you!


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