Be humble in front of the Lord and He will lift you up. James 4: 10 NIRV

God wants the Spirit in us to belong only to Him. He provides everything we need. But, sometimes we want what we don’t have. We become frustrated. We get caught up in what we think the world has to offer and forget who knows what’s best for our lives. 

God knows the plans He has for our days. He knows how to ready us to rise. He prepares us to find content in the power of His love. He draws us closer than before when we humble our hearts for Jesus, forget our selfish desires and recognize He provides so much more… 

Peace comes in obedience and humility. Jesus demonstrated humility when He died on the cross. When we take time to consider what He did for us, we recognize how to humble our hearts for Him and remain faithful. 

Proverbs 3: 34 says, “God opposes those who are proud. But He gives grace to those who are humble.” Oh how we need God’s mercy and grace! 

If we humble our hearts to faithfully trust, God will allow us to find peace in what He provides. He will give us everything we need. He is God and He loves us! He will reward those who seek Him with all of their hearts, choose to follow and humbly obey. 

Dear God, Thank you for helping us admit we are selfish. We need moments to humble our hearts and surrender the sinful side of want. We will remain faithful. Remind us to ask YOU for what we need. And, help us never forget You will ALWAYS provide by the power of Your will. Amen


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