"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22

Fall is coming! Trees will reveal amazing displays and God will help us see beauty in His amazing designs. He will ready us to welcome the seasons of change and remind us why we must trust in the timing of His plans. 

We’re not always ready to embrace what happens when changes come in our lives. But Christ is faithful. He teaches how to trust and allows us to see beauty in the timing of God's will. He finds the way to remind us who is handling the happenings of our days. 

Leaves will fall and strong winds will carry them far away. Some will hold on tight and find reason to remain. We too will face strong winds in our lives. But, God will remind us He has a plan for our days. He will cradle us in care and arm us with everything we need to remember who's in charge of ALL things. 

God will give time to purpose and decide when His blessings will be revealed. He is ALWAYS with us. He will provide strength to hold on tight. We will find peace in the power of His presence. He will open our eyes so we will see what’s ahead and learn to appreciate what He provides. And, He will show us how it feels to be grateful when changes come. 

Dear God, You prepare us for the seasons of change and remind us You are present in our lives. Thank you for the timing of Your will. We will find strength while we’re cradled in care and welcome the peace You provide. Thank you for gifts of Your love. Help us never forget; in the changes of life, everything GOOD comes from You. Amen


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