"The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life. Job 33: 4

Sometimes, we long to simply breathe again; to experience how it feels for peace to flow in the heart of our weakness. We yearn to feel the spirit of God and recognize the power He gives to welcome perfect peace.

A breath of life is something we need to sustain us. We depend on it to survive. The breath of God is life and power. It allows us to welcome Him to live in us. When God created man from dust on the ground, He breathed life in his nostrils and he became a living soul.

When we open our eyes to embrace the blessing of another day, burdens often lay in our souls. Worries prevent us from allowing God’s presence to become the air we breathe. But, when we’re still in the calming of hope, God reminds us how to breathe in ALL He provides.

God’s love for us is forever. He patiently waits while we seek Him with all of our hearts, surrender our fear, recognize His presence of peace and breathe in the depth of His greatness. We must trust Him and allow the love of His faithfulness to help us be still in the presence of His love. He is great and He is good! He will help us breathe again. We must be prayerful and humbly trust…

Dear God, Thank you for the love of mercy and grace. Oh, how we need to feel Your presence of peace, when distractions of the world don’t allow the joy of calm. We will begin this day in praise and breathe in ALL You provide. And, we will find rest while we’re cradled in Your care. YOU are the air we breathe! Thank you for allowing us to breathe deeply in YOU. Amen


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