There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

Leaves of green are beginning to display their beautiful colors of fall. They remind us colder weather is on the way. Fall is a favorite season for many. It brings a definite change of pace. But, it also invites concern for those who dread the dreary days of winter. 

Sometimes, we’re leery of change. We hesitate to leave a place of comfort. We allow the seasons of life to affect the balance of our routine. And, we forget to remember God blesses us in the timing of His will, when we totally trust in Him. 

In times of wonder, God helps us deal with change. He prepares us to handle the ups and downs in our lives. He arms us with strength and guides us with amazing grace. God helps us discover the bounty of His love. He nurtures the heart of our faithfulness. 

We must accept the change in our lives and remember God has a plan for the future. He will help us remember there's a reason for the seasons of our lives. He will provide HOPE for tomorrow. We must love Him with all of our hearts and faithfully believe He WILL prepare us for what's to come...

Dear God, Thank you for moments to recognize the beauty of Your creation. We will trust in You, when change come. Teach us to appreciate and embrace each new season. And, help us find purpose in what You’ve already planned for our lives. Amen


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