And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 ESV

God provides peace when we trust in Him. He guides us through the frailties of life and knows how to handle our days. When hearts are broken and tragedies of the world consume us, Jesus knows how to bandage our brokenness. He helps us remember to TRUST in the power of God. And, He tenderly places PEACE where HOPE will prevail. 

Jesus knows our suffering. He sees each tear that falls. He recognizes our sadness and feels the depth of despair. He leads us to the cross and invites us to remain for a while. As we feel the anguish of His pain, we begin to understand why He knows our own. We feel the strength of the Savior and humbly welcome mercy, grace and the power of His everlasting love. 

Some will neglect to seek the Savior. They will feel the tugging of their hearts and ignore the chance to welcome calm. But, Jesus will try and reach us! He will extend His arms of strength and God will make His presence known in our lives. He will demonstrate the depth of His holiness. And, as we learn to trust, He will lift us with His arms of strength and show us how to discover peace. He will show us how it feels to be cradled in the roots of His LOVE. 

In times of trouble, peace will welcome strength. God will provide it when we need it. He WILL lift us with the comfort of His care. And, while we are held in the arms of His holiness, He will help us find a place of calm. He will take the burdens of our hearts and show us how it feels to be humbled by the power of His love. His is God! He knows our every need. He will strengthen us when we call on Him and learn to totally trust. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your mighty strength. Oh, how we need to be lifted to a place of calm! We will seek You with all of our hearts, acknowledge Your holiness and humbly welcome Your mercy and grace. Thank you for Jesus and the power of His love. Forgive us when we forget the depth of His suffering. We will welcome perfect peace, and gratefully embrace the blessing of a grateful heart. Help us remember YOU are with us in our suffering. You’re a good, good Father. We will put our trust in YOU and never forget who’s in charge of ALL things. Amen


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