I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4: 13 NIV

Every heart longs for PEACE. It waits to be nurtured and fed with hope from the Savior. It longs to be grown by grace. God’s love encompasses EVERYTHING we need. He provides purpose for our days as we learn to faithfully TRUST. He helps us remember; it’s okay to admit that we’re weak. He shows us how to examine our lives...

Sometimes our thoughts are ruled by fear. We can’t see beyond clouds of worry or find our way through the dark. We have trouble embracing a heart of content and need to be led to the light. Anxiety robs us of joy. It leads us far away from discovering peace from the Savior. 

God shows how to manage our lives. We deserve much MORE than thoughts that consume us. He helps us discover what comes from surrender. And, when we allow Him to remove what’s holding us back, He provides clarity in the trust of our calm. 

God is so much BIGGER than worries! Nothing will happen that He cannot handle. He will bless us in ways we never imagined and arm us with STRENGTH if we’re weak. He will remove anxious thoughts of wonder. He will fill us full of everything we need to recognize His presence in our lives. And, by the power of love, He will show us how it feels to find perfect peace through Jesus.

Dear God, Thank you for reminding us to trust in You. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit we’re weak. You know the heart of our need. Help us remember; YOU are so much BIGGER than fear! Help us learn to release our anxiety to You, so we will welcome abundant joy and find perfect peace. We will faithfully follow Jesus and welcome His offering of love. And, we will never forget why Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Amen


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