When you look for me with all your heart, you will find me. Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Sometimes we look for “larger than life” moments to remember God is near. We wait for BIG displays of grandeur and forget He may use little moments of purpose to make His presence known. 

God knows how to help us recognize He's HERE. When we’re ready to receive what's been planned for our days, He will find the way to reach us. He will allow us to experience the love of His greatness and He will welcome our prayers of praise! He will open our hearts for Jesus. 

Christ will guide us to the Father. And, in moments to be humbled, He will help us recognize the need for mercy and grace. He will fill us with the gifts of His greatness and provide the way for peace to prevail. 

God will make His presence known. But we must be still and faithfully seek Him. And, we must learn to patiently WAIT. He will open our eyes in the timing of His will and allow us to clearly see what needs to be discovered. And, He will lift us with arms of strength.

As we are held in the hands of holiness, we will see glimpses of what's ahead. And, when our eyes are wide open wide, surely we will see Jesus! We must look with all of our hearts and be ready to welcome the Savior. He is the way to the Father and He loves us! 

Dear God, Thank you for Your love. Open our eyes, so we will be humbled by the gift of Your grace and experience Your presence of peace. Arm us with everything we need to remember who’s in charge of our days. Help us remember; if we look with ALL of our hearts, we will ALWAYS find what needs to be discovered. Amen


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