God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1-3

God gives strength to the weary. He pours hope in the hearts of those who seek Him. He mends the tattered and torn. Our mighty Healer provides the way for us to find Him, even when we are shaken and torn. 

God’s love for us is never broken. He is our awesome Provider of PEACE. He provides the way to find HOPE, when burdens of life are hard to bear. He replaces the worry in our hearts with STRENGTH to prevail. And, He bandages the wounds of our worry. 

God has a plan to heal. He is near to the heart of suffering. He helps us learn why we don't have to handle life on our own. He lifts us with strength and provides help from His holiness. He rescues us from trouble and teaches how to TRUST...

God will provide COURAGE while we're held in His arms of strength. He will help us recognize the need for mercy and grace. He will draw us closer than before. When we have been humbled to understand we can't live without Him, He will teach us to love Him more... He will provide the way for faith to flourish. And, we will gratefully appreciate the power of His amazing LOVE. 

Dear God, In helpless moments of wonder, arm us with the presence of Your peace. Open our eyes to recognize the need for mercy and grace. Comfort those who need to be reminded of Your strength. Bless the brokenhearted who are cradled in Your care. Hear the prayers of those who seek You with broken hallelujah’s. And, help us remember the families in Florida who have been shaken to the core. Teach us how to trust, when life brings challenges and we can't make sense of what’s happening in our days. Help us remember we are held by the power of Your greatness. Allow HOPE to flourish in the love of our faithfulness and help us not forget why You are mighty, holy and true. Thank you, faithful One! We are so grateful for YOU. Amen


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