“Pray for each other.” James 5:16

Prayer is power that's honored by God, as we lift the requests of others. God helps us consider the needs of those who need to know we care. He prepares us to recognize the presence of His strength. He fills us with purpose, as we ready our hearts to commune with Him and take time to pray for one another. 

God helps us see inside the heart of those who need to be lifted. He fills us with compassion, as we recognize how it feels to put the needs of others before our own. God knows our thoughts before we open our mouths to speak. And, in needed moments of understanding, He arms us with reminders to PRAY. 

Faith will grow, if we trust God to handle the happenings of our days. He will reward us if we wait on Him and remember our prayers will be answered in the timing of His will. God will allow strength to rise from the offering of His love. And, we will honor Him if we take time to PRAY for one another. 

Dear God, Thank you for helping us open our eyes and recognize the needs of others. Fill us with desire to be mindful of their needs. We will serve You with a heart of compassion. And, as we commune with You, we will gratefully welcome the presence of Your amazing love. Amen


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