“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24

It's fun to visit the beach and listen to the sound of the roaring waves. Rushing water allows us to feel the depth of the sand. We become aware of God‘s awesome power, as we witness the gifts of His mighty creation.

Many people build sandcastles on the shore. They work hard to construct a foundation that will hold their labors of love. But, sometimes structures are built too close to the shore. When the tide arrives they are quickly carried to the sea. 

Waves are a powerful force! They swiftly move us from one place to another. Try as we might, it’s impossible to remain where we stand, if our feet are not anchored on solid ground. 

God helps us consider how we should construct our lives. He supplies what we need to build towers of strength. He handles the timing of our tides. He wants us to form foundations of faith that are strong and powerful. 

God will show us how to build our lives on solid ground. He will carry us to the safety of the shore. He will help handle the waves of worry that try and knock us down! He will show us how to build sandcastles of strength, if we will totally TRUST and allow Him to show us how… 

Dear God, YOU arm us with everything we need! Guide us by the power of Your will and help us remember who’s in charge of ALL things. We will put our hope in You and find strength to build a foundation of TRUST. We will love YOU all the days of our lives. Thank you for leading us far away from the waves of worry. Thank you for the power of Your mighty love! We will remain faithful to YOU. Amen


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