He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIV

The Lord is with us! There will never be a day without the presence of His love. He knows how to manage days and bring HOPE for weakness. He arms us with everything we need to recognize His presence and find PEACE in the promise of His STRENGTH.

God wants us to slow down and experience everything He provides. But sometimes we keep going even when we know there’s reason to be still. We forget why we need to be held in holiness and need to be reminded what happens when we sit with the Savior a while.

If we make time for Jesus, we will welcome the presence of peace and recognize good will come. He will guide our thoughts and lead us to the Father. He will prepare us to embrace each and EVERY day. And He will teach us to step SLOWLY! He will help when we lack focus and fill us with His everlasting love.

We must be ready for what God places in our hearts. If we take time to listen, surely, we will recognize how to receive. We will never face a day alone! God loves us. He provides HOPE for the future! We must allow ourselves to feel the power of His presence so we will learn to totally TRUST. God will handle whatever happens in this day! We must give Him the time He deserves. ♥

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence! Forgive us when we become impatient as we’re guided by You. Help us remember You have a plan for our lives. Teach us to slow down, so we will recognize the love of Your faithfulness and remember why we’re not alone. Help us learn to be quiet and still. Open the eyes of our hearts so we will feel the love of Jesus and find HOPE in the presence of strength. We will begin each day in praise and gratefully TRUST in YOU. Help us remember why blessings will ALWAYS come from the love of a GRATEFUL heart. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for each day You allow us to learn how to love You even more…Amen


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