“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

God wants us to trust Him with all of our hearts and faithfully believe He will handle our days. But it’s hard to trust when we’re worried and fear robs the source of our calm.

Events in the world are unsettling. It’s difficult to hear stories of tragedy, loss, illness, natural disasters and circumstances which are sad. And when we focus only on bad news, we fuel our minds to create an overload of worry.

God wants us to turn our eyes on Jesus and focus on what is GOOD. There is GOOD NEWS in accepting peace from Christ’s presence. Even in the midst of worry and despair, He knows how to fill us with strength and place calm in our hearts. He knows how to help us fear no more!

The Bible says TRUST in the Lord! God is the One who knows what will happen next. He is the Provider of everything we need. His Spirit of His holiness welcomes PEACE and guides us in wisdom and truth. He helps us remember why we don’t have to handle life on our own.

We will continue to hear stories that break our hearts and leave us feeling empty from reports of bad news. We will be uncertain of what is factual. But God will provide strength to endure. When we call on Him, He will help us find courage to COPE with HOPE.

Anxiety and fear will diminish when we’re cradled in His care. There will never be a day without the power of God's love. He will arm us with everything we need to battle the worries of our wonder. His faithfulness will lead us to a place of rest, if we ask Him to help us stay focused. The world will never offer the GOOD NEWS we need. God has a plan for the future! We must believe in His power to save and never forget; He knows what is best for our lives.

Dear God, please bring calm to our hearts when worry tries to welcome fear and creates anxious thoughts. Help us remember who’s in charge of ALL things. Guide us with wisdom and truth, so we will make sound decisions and focus on mercy and grace. We will TRUST You all of our days and find courage in the presence of Your strength. Thank you for arming us with everything we need to find calm. We know You will set the stage for GOOD to come and give us perfect peace to remain faithful. We will find joy in ALL You provide. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for helping us feel grateful. Amen


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