“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

At some time in our lives, we will experience the sadness of loss. In this pandemic, many are dealing with grief. Their lives have been turned upside down. And they need to be reminded why they’re not alone.

We mustn’t forget to step from the worries of our own and earnestly PRAY for the comfort of those who are mourning. We continue to hear how to fight this disease, but we need to reminded there are families who have already lost the battle. We must find courage to step into sorrow for a while, so we will recognize why the message of God’s love is needed!

We cannot hug families and friends, but God can show us how to be messengers of His strength. He is not restricted! He can do what we cannot! He will hear our prayers and comfort those who need to feel the love of His presence. He will show us how to be instruments of peace.

If we take time EVERY day and remember to faithfully PRAY, God will hear our prayers! He will wrap His Spirit of holiness around those who are grieving and bandage the wounds of their souls.

We are in this crisis together! We must remember it won’t last forever. God will give us HOPE. He will remind us who is handling our days. He will heal broken hearts and help us remember LOVE bears all things. Please pray for those who need to know they are not forgotten.

Dear God, thank you for holding us, even in the weakness of worry and doubt. Help us remember those who are mourning. Draw us nearer to the love of Your faithfulness and allow us to see glimpses of good. We will continue to fight this battle, knowing YOU are the weapon that we need! Please be with those who have lost loved ones. Help them feel our prayers for comfort, peace and strength. Hold them in Your presence, so they will not feel alone. Help us embrace a caring heart; so we will love like Jesus and remember to ALWAYS take care of one another. Thank you, Lord! Amen

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