My sisters and I will be heading to Florida to say goodbye to our precious dad. He died Tuesday morning at home and our hearts are heavy as we prepare to make his arrangements.

Many of you have heard the amazing stories about the loving man who always reminded us to be grateful, breathe in the good and truly care about showing kindness to others. He was a blessing to many; a lover of life, a faithful friend, LOVE to a lady named Tillie and a really wonderful dad. He was a proud grandfather, caring uncle and a truly amazing man. But most of all, he was a faithful servant who loved the Lord fully. He believed with all his heart God would take care of him and he truly felt the comfort of Jesus.

It strikes me that some refer to passing as having ‘lost’ someone they love. I know it’s a figure of speech, but we know exactly where our hero has gone. He is with Christ and we’re feeling the peace of His compassion and love. We’re comforted to know our dad has earned his reward and find strength in knowing he was ready when God called him to come home.

Please pray for safe travels, good health, comfort and strength. And pray for God’s guidance in decisions that need to be made. Thank you all so much for your love for our dad and for each one of us…Now more than ever we are reminded LOVE bear all things, even when our hearts are broken.

~ I will not be posting again until Friday, May 15. I'll miss my early morning writings and time to connect with you. God bless you! Remember to begin each day in praise to the One who holds us all together. He is worthy of our love, no matter what.


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