Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:36 NLT

God lovingly created us to serve Him with a grateful heart. HE is in charge of our days. The Father of mercy and grace readies us to rise. He opens our eyes to discover what happens when we humble our hearts for His. He helps us evaluate our lives. He guides us toward the presence of peace and provides strength to recognize our own.

Sometimes, we don’t feel strong. Overwhelming thoughts rob content and negative notions steal our joy. We forget we were made for SO much more. When we’re misled by emotions, we think about what's wrong and have trouble focusing on the good. But when we pray in belief God will help us, He allows us to experience calm.

God gives instructions when we feel anxious. The Bible allows us to read words of TRUTH. When we spend time absorbing His promises, we recognize there is NOTHING He cannot do! Fear will manipulate our lives and hold us where we don’t belong. But God will bring peace when we ask. He will help when we’re not feeling strong.

Jesus knows our hearts. He knows the battles we face to keep on going. He will helps us overcome! We don’t have to sit in sadness! He will place HOPE in our hearts and guide us toward gladness. He will help us fear no more! We will witness the strength of His holiness while we're cradled in compassion and care. He is God! He will restore us.

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love. Thank you for Jesus! Help us find strength to remember where to find needed calm. YOU bring peace to our hearts as we seek You and pray. Help us absorb TRUTH in Your WORD. YOU are so much bigger than doubt! Break the chains which hold us in darkness, so we will be warmed by the light of Christ. Helps us find JOY so we will hold it forever and stay focused on what is true. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


~ I've posted some scriptures for you, friends. Please read them. Ask God to bring peace to your heart and BELIEVE He will! Soak in the WORD of TRUTH and feel the power of His promises. He will restore you! We must TRUST the One who created us for so much more...He WILL help you find strength as you remain faithful and remember how much you are loved.


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